Pearson Technologies releases Volume 10 of Professional Fiber Optic Installation manual

Dec. 19, 2016
According to author Eric Pearson, Professional Fiber Optic Installation v10 can be an installer guidebook, training and reference manual, field-installation manual, study guide and/or a textbook.

Pearson Technologies Inc. recently announced the upcoming availability of Professional Fiber Optic Installation, v10. The book will become available via Amazon on January 15. Author Eric Pearson explains: “Depending on one’s goals, v10 is a guidebook for becoming a professional installer, a training and reference manual for trainers and field supervisors, a manual for field installers, a study guide for passing basic and advanced certification examinations from the Fiber Optic Association [FOA], and an educational book for those interested in fiber-optic communications.”

The information in Volume 10 of Professional Fiber Optic Installation applies to data networks, data centers, telephone networks, fiber-to-the-home networks, optical LANs, fiber-to-the-antenna, distributed antenna systems, and CATV systems.

The 35-chapter, 496-page manual presents the concepts, numbers, product advantages, and installation and testing procedures required to achieve and verify the five goals of installation, which are: 1) low cost, 2) lowest possible optical power loss, 3) low reflectance, 4) short installation time, and 5) high reliability.

Chapters 1 through 9 detail essential information on available products, their most-important performance parameters, and advantages of product types. “This information sensitizes the installer to the capabilities and limitations of the product he installs,” Eric Pearson notes. “With this sensitivity, the installer understands how his actions influence power loss, reflectance, and reliability.”

Chapters 10 through 13 present the principles and methods of installation, through which the installer achieves the five aforementioned goals.

Chapters 14 through 20 detail testing and inspection principles and methods, which enable the installer to verify proper and reliable installation.

Chapters 21 through 28 provide detailed, cookbook-like instructions for performing installation, inspection, and testing activities. Pearson adds, “By following the instructions in these chapters, the installer develops 38 critical skills and abilities essential to achieving the five goals of the professional installer.”

Chapters 29 through 35 focus information in previous chapters on seven applications: outside plant, fiber-to-the-antenna, distributed antenna systems, fiber-to-the-home (PON), data centers, optical LANs, and fiber characterization.

“Chapters 1 through 20 enable installers to pass the FOA CFOT basic certification examination,” Eric Pearson says. “Chapters 10 through 17 and 29 through 35 enable installers to pass 10 of the FOA advanced certification [CFOS] examinations.”

Professional Fiber Optic Installation Volume 10 provides a trainer with the following tools for effective training: modular organization, 35 focused chapters, 749 review questions, 651 figures, and 75 tables. Pearson notes that the modular organization facilitates training programs with multiple goals—basic skill development, advanced skill development, connector installation, splicing, inspection and testing. The manual also includes 10 chapters of hands-on activities.

While single copies will be available through Amazon beginning January 15, multiple copies—such as those used in training programs—are available directly from Pearson Technologies: [email protected],

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