BICSI collaborating with Peruvian telecom training institution

July 7, 2016
BICSI and INICTEL-UNI will collaborate and share information about events, education, marketing and standards development for telecommunications and ICT professionals.

BICSI recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Lima, Peru-based Instituto Nacional de Investigacion y Capacitacion de Telecomunicaciones de la Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (INICTEL-UNI). INICTEL-UNI is a research and training institution whose purpose is to promote the development and use of telecommunications. The institution performs scientific, technological and innovation research and training.

When announcing the collaboration, BICSI said, “This MOU demonstrates the commitment of both organizations to further their goals through collaboration and information-sharing on events, education, marketing, and standards development.”

BICSI added, “The challenges facing the ICT [information and communications technology] community increasingly require programs and initiatives jointly developed by leading membership organizations. Collaboration from membership organizations that draws upon the expertise of ICT practitioners along with their respective community vendors will further promote best practices, spur technology innovation, and enhance the overall growth of the ICT community globally. The expansion of the ICT community can be reached by means of promoting ICT-inclusive activities worldwide. Collaboration in training and sharing best practices will contribute to strengthening the ICT community.”

Brian Ensign, RCDD, NTS, OSP, RTPM, CSI, BICSI’s President, commented, “This MOU with INICTEL-UNI will help in promoting a greater awareness of ICT standards and best practices around the world. BICSI is continuously expanding its reach and is committed to working with INICTEL-UNI to advance ICT on a global scale.”

Jose Oliden, INICTEL-UNI’s executive director, said, “INICTEL-UNI is very satisfied and pleased with the signing of the MOU because it has tended a direct bridge between the communities of information technologies and communications of the USA and Peru for mutual collaboration and initiation of programs and initiatives in benefit of our country.”

You can learn more about INICTEL-UNI here and more about BICSI here.

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