Liberty AV adds Celerity's fiber-optic HDMI cabling

March 6, 2013
Agreement brings Celerity's line of fiber-optic HDMI cables to commercial and custom AV installation markets.

Liberty AV Solutions and Celerity Technologies have entered an agreement to add Celerity’s line of fiber-optic HDMI cables to Liberty’s product catalog. Effective immediately and stemming from growth initiatives mutually undertaken by both companies, the deal is strategically designed to expand the presence of Celerity products within the commercial and custom AV installation markets.

Liberty views Celerity's product as an innovative alternative for systems integrators facing a need to send HDMI signals over long distances. The two-step installation process and detachable connector system that Celerity’s products are known for position the HDMI cabling line to emerge as a logical choice for the range of applications requiring high-definition content distribution, says Liberty.

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“The benefits of fiber-optics for transmitting high-definition signals such as HDMI are well known,” remarks Becky McWilliams, Liberty's VP of marketing. “Celerity is the only company that has perfected a line of products for these kinds of applications. The net result of this distribution deal enhances our position as an industry leader within the realm of digital and fiber products.”

Along with announcement of the distribution agreement, Liberty and Celerity have pledged that the companies will now work together to maintain customer service and product education, with each company supporting the other’s customers and market activities.

Celerity’s Buzz Delano concludes, “Our market strategy is to be a widely available product solution for all systems integrators within the commercial and custom markets. Liberty is a natural fit for us, and additionally provides our company with new selling and training resources in the field.”

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