Handheld PON power meter

Portable power meter can be connected between an OLT and ONT.

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GAO Instruments (Toronto) has introduced a handheld, portable power meter, especially designed for the construction and maintenance of PON networks, that can be connected between an OLT and ONT.

The new PON power meter from GAO, model C0260007, features a lightweight, auto-power-saving design and smart navigation menu for simple operation. The tool enables quick testing of all PON signals along a network and performs simultaneous measurement and display of PON signals, including voice, data and video optical signals. An optional visible fault locator (VFL) easily identifies fiber and locates faults.

The PON power meter provides 10 groups of configurable threshold values and can save 1000 test results. It also provides simultaneous measurement of all three wavelengths on the fiber including 1490 nm, 1550 nm and 1310 nm. It connects to computer via USB interface for data upload, optical power calibration and threshold modification. The tool operates for up to 15 hours when fully charged.

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