U.S. Navy soliciting HDPE conduit installation

Installation will take place at Dahlgren Labs in Virginia.

The United States Navy has issued a solicitation for the installation of two, 2-inch HDPE conduits, via directional boring, on the grounds of its Dahlgren facility in Virginia. According to the solicitation, one conduit will be placed between a fiber-optic pedestal and the Dahlgren facility’s Building 1180. The other conduit will be placed between Building 1180 and Building 1186.

The submission deadline for this solicitation is April 4, however an optional site visit will be conducted on March 21 and obtaining a visitor’s pass for the base requires a five-working-day processing period.

The solicitation puts the cost range for the project between $30,000 and $70,000. It is a total small business set aside.

The Navy’s contact for this solicitation is Rachael Olup, who can be emailed here or reached via telephone at 540-653-1909.

You can find more detailed information on this solicitation through fbo.gov, here.

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