Woman sues cabling installer for negligence after tripping over work-area cords

Aug. 28, 2013
Suit claims ‘a jumble of cords and wires hanging below the work station’ led to ‘very significant injuries.’

The Union Leader, a local newspaper to us here at the offices of Cabling Installation & Maintenance in southern New Hampshire, recently reported that a personal-injury lawsuit has been filed against Hewlett Packard after a worker in a bank in which Hewlett Packard installed computers and cabling became entangled in the mess of cords in her workstation and was injured.

The Union Leader’s Jason Schreiber explains that according to the lawsuit, plaintiff Linda Iacozzi sustained injuries in August 2010 that “were the result of how a Hewlett-Packard employee installed the computer equipment” at her place of work, a Bank of America location. “’The manner in which the computers were installed at individual work stations, including Ms. Iacozzi’s, created a jumble of cords and wires hanging below the work station,’ the suit said.” Further, Schreiber reports, the suit explains that the plaintiff’s leg became entangled in the wires and cords, and she tripped. “The suit said she was seriously injured in the fall and … was treated for a ‘serious’ fracture and an elbow injury.

“The suit claims she was ‘permanently injured,’” he further reports, adding that the lawsuit “accuses Hewlett Packard of negligence for failing to ‘install the required cords, wires and cables in a reasonable manner.’”

You can read the Union Leader’s story here.

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