AFL adds enhanced event analysis to data center OTDR

AFL has introduced an Enhanced Event Analysis feature for its M310 Data Center OTDR.

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Supporting a high dynamic range, short dead zones and new advanced event analysis algorithm, the M310 Data Center OTDR from AFL addresses both the testing challenges associated with data center, and with enterprise LAN/WAN networks. The company says the unit's advanced algorithm minimizes missed and false events and ensures accuracy and reliability in event analysis, taking advantage of short dead zones in data center applications.

“If an OTDR’s event analysis is inaccurate, then documenting networks will be flawed and troubleshooting networks will be impaired, increasing downtime,” explains Mark Miller, product manager at AFL. “The M310’s event analysis successfully deals with difficult situations found in data centers such as short jumper cables and closely-spaced events. This ensures the health of your network.”

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Data center optical network configurations, such as Top of Rack (ToR) and End of Row (EoR), contain numerous closely-spaced sections, jumper cables, patch panels and cross connects. Through its advanced analysis techniques, the M310 accurately finds and measures the events on a network without increasing the likelihood of chasing false events.

Coupled with the M310 Touch and Test interface, users can now confidently obtain accurate locations and measurements of all events, without the confusing introduction of false events. No special knowledge, training or costly test setups are required to achieve these results, notes the company.

With an integrated Optical Power Meter (OPM) and Visual Fault Locator (VFL), plus inspection functionality using the DFS1 Digital FiberScope, the M310 is designed to cover all Tier 1 and Tier 2 testing requirements. The Test Results Manager 2.0 (TRM 2.0) companion software provides the capability of viewing and editing test results on a PC, and creating certification reports.

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