2014 National Electrical Code released

Aug. 23, 2013
Along with the release, NFPA offers a handbook, pocket guide, app and other resources meant to help understand and apply the Code.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) officially released the 2014 National Electrical Code on Thursday, August 15. That day the Code became available as a PDF document through the National Fire Codes Subscription Service All Access; NFPA expected the hard copy to be available by the end of August. Also, the first of several four-day seminars based on the 2014 NEC took place the week of August 19 at NFPA headquarters in Quincy, MA.

The association’s chief engineer Mark Earley commented, “To members of the electrical community, especially those that live and breathe the NEC, the release of the latest edition of the Code is highly anticipated because it provides the most up-to-date electrical safety requirements that will impact their work.

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“I would argue that the NEC is equally as important to people outside of the electrical community,” Earley continued, “many of whom may not even know it exists, yet are protected daily from fire and electrical hazards because of it and have been for years.”

In addition to publishing the NEC, NFPA provides companion resources and education to help professionals learn how to understand and apply the latest edition. “A host of resources are coming soon including the 2014 NEC Handbook, pocket guides for residential and commercial applications, ebooks and an app,” the NFPA said. “Many items are more accessible than ever and are offered in a variety of formats with options to purchase as a set and have content available in both print and digital formats.”

Additionally, NFPA recently opened an online resource called nec connect, with the goal of providing members of the electrical community and others interested in electrical issues with news, information, tips, learning resources and networking opportunities related to the NEC. “The website is a resource for installers and contractors, designers and engineers, code enforcers, and policymakers for all things related to the NEC,” NFPA said. “It is a place where participants can engage with others who share an interest in electrical safety.” You can visit nec connect here.

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