Labeling tool promises time saved complying with TIA labeling standard

Aug. 28, 2013
Brother Mobile Solutions’ PT-E300 features a QWERTY keyboard as well as fast printing speed and advanced alphanumeric serializing.

Brother Mobile Solutions’ newly introduced PT-E300 labeling system is the latest in the P-touch Edge line of handheld labeling tools. Brother Mobile Solutions says the PT-E300 “was designed from the ground up to incorporate smart features and a high degree of flexibility and versatility to accommodate virtually any labeling application.” The company points to the tool’s QWERTY keyboard as well as “intuitive navigation” as characteristics that make the PT-E300 a means to create legible, long-lasting professional-looking labels in the matter of a few keystrokes.

Additionally, to accompany the label generator, Brother also introduced the HSe Tube heat-shrink media in black text on white format, in sizes designed to mark cables from 1.7mm to 10.6mm in diameter. HSe Tube works exclusively with PT-E300.

The PT-E300 also accommodates Brother’s HGe tapes, which come in cartridges containing the components needed to print laminated labels. “Using the innovative Brother laminating thermal transfer printing engine with smart sensing technology, PT-E300 creates automatic imaging settings to print near-perfect laminated labels every time, including the ability to produce UL-recognized labels that withstand fading, abrasion, extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals and moisture,” the company said.

Brother pointed out the following capabilities of the new PT-E300.

Ability to print rugged laminated labels—Prints polyester labels and laminates each label automatically, encapsulating the print between two protective layers to ensure longevity.

Prints more characters per label—New font-sizing technology enables printing clear, readable characters that conform to short and long ANSI/EIA/TIA-606 identifier format as well as UL standards.

Advanced alpha and numeric serializing—Prints a number and/or letter automatically incremented on a single label or over multiple labels.

Large LCD display—Large backlit display shows all label design settings at a glance, including label application icons and print preview.

Faster printing speed—New mechanism design is compatible with HGe tape, and can print labels up to two times faster than previous Brother models.

Multi-lingual user interface—Menus and navigation messages can be configured in 20 different languages, making the system user-friendly for virtually everyone on the crew.

HGe and TZe tapes—Compatibility with these tape varieties, offering adhesive and color choices for virtually any labeling application. Heat-shrink tubing is also available.

David Crist, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Brother Mobile Solutions, commented, “We believe one of the greatest advantages of the PT-E300 labeler is its easy operation. It’s designed to just be picked up and used, without going through an extensive learning curve. Just press a few keys to select the desired label type and a few parameters, and you’re ready to print. For busy contractors and installers, especially those using the new ANSI/TIA labeling standards, this is a huge timesaver.”

The company’s vice president of marketing and project management, Ravi Panjwani, added, “A well-labeled project is the mark of a professional, and the PT-E300 was designed for pros, by pros. It conforms to the telecom, electrical, AV and security installers’ workflow and makes it really simple to create great-looking ANSI/TIA standard, serialized or barcode labels on demand.”

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