Pre-installed steel wire pulling grips

Nov. 21, 2013
Cerro Wire has introduced a range of wire equipped with its RectorSeal single-use steel pulling grips.

Cerro Wire LLC, a manufacturer of copper electrical building wire and cable, has introduced a complete range of wire equipped with its RectorSeal single-use steel pulling grips, a durable single-use wire pulling tool that reduces set up time and allows installers to pull up to 4x more wire per day, according to the company.

Ideal for the healthcare construction and building markets, the pulling grips may eliminate waste, saving time and money, especially on larger commercial jobs, notes Cerro Wire. Rated for use on THHN and XHHN wire, the new steel pulling grips reduce total set up time for a 4-wire pull to less than five minutes, the company claims. Eighteen sizes are available, ranging from 1 AWG to 750 MCM.

The contractor can receive the wire with all three or four wire lengths on a paralleled reel, ready to pull. At the end of each wire is a steel lanyard, used to pull the wire through the conduit; lanyards are of staggered lengths to stagger the heads, making entry into the conduit and through nineties easier. To complete the pull, a contractor simply attaches his rope to the lanyard. After the pull is complete, the grips are simply cut and are disposable.

Made with an extremely durable steel body, the pulling grips are far less likely to fail during an installation than a pulling grip made of aluminum, contends the company. They also have a shorter body length, which allows them to corner better, further reducing failure risk compared to other pulling grips.

“No more taking hours of expensive labor just to prepare to pull wire by preparing pulling ends,” comments Rick McDonald, president of Cerrowire Electrical Distribution. “Contractors using our pre-installed steel pulling grips will add significantly to their bottom line.”

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