Platinum Tools adds bridle rings, beam clamps for low-voltage cable management

Nov. 7, 2013
Threaded-screw bridle rings and beam clamps target low-voltage installations.

Platinum Tools has added five new threaded screw bridle rings (p/n JH802 though JH809) and two new beam clamps (p/n JH966 and JH967) to its inventory of low-voltage cable management products.

“We are now shipping our new threaded screw bridle rings and beam clamps for low-voltage installations," comments John Phillips, Platinum Tools, Inc. product manager. “Offering various diameter sizes and standard thread configurations, the new bridle rings attach with beam clamps on flanges up to a half inch. Simple, effective and constructed of solid, low carbon steel, these additions complement our extensive line of J-Hooks for an additional cable management solution.”

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The new bridle rings include the JH802-100 (10 x 24 - 3/4" ID), JH804-100 (10 x 24 – 2" ID), JH807-100 (1/4" x 20 – 1 1/4" ID), JH808-100 (1/4" x 20 – 2". ID), JH809-50 (1/4" x 20 – 4" ID). The new beam clamps include the JH966-100 for 1/8" - 1/2" flanges, and E-Z installation to beam flanges up to 1/2". The product supports 1/4" and 3/8" threaded rod, S-hooks, and bridle rings for standard 1/4" - 20 or #10-24 threaded bridle rings. The JH967-100 beam clamp for 1/8" - 1/2" flanges supports drive rings or bridle rings and requires only a hammer to install.

Source:Utility Products

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