Siemon issues new full-line catalog for North America

Feb. 22, 2013
The company has released its newest full-line catalog for North America.

Siemon announced the release of its newest full-line catalog for North America. Available at no cost, the 248-page publication features the latest information on Siemon’s network cabling, connectivity and data center products, including standards compliance, application examples and detailed product specifications.

Siemon products featured in the catalog include:

-- The Ultra-Efficient IcePack Cooling Door System, a scalable rear door heat exchanger that uses passive liquid cooling to offer a cooling capacity of 31kW per cabinet for challenging data center hotspots.

-- Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) that distribute power to network equipment while providing real-time monitoring for saving energy and maximizing uptime in the data center.

-- The V600 Cabinet, a 600 mm (24 in) server cabinet designed for use with the company's VersaPOD cabinets, providing lightweight stability, accessibility and superior airflow.

-- The Universal Modular Furniture Adapter for securely mounting work area network connectivity in common modular furniture systems while maintaining performance-critical bend radius.

-- The MapIT G2 infrastructure management solutions, including an interconnect option for tracking connectivity between switches and smart patch panels, and a plug-and-play multi-fiber option.

-- The RouteIT cable tray and J-hooks, available in an array of sizes and mounting options to support a variety of data center and network pathway configurations.

The catalog also offers detailed information on Siemon's comprehensive line of products including: end-to end copper and fiber network cabling and connectivity solutions; fiber enclosures and splicing accessories; intelligent infrastructure management; work area products and accessories; racks, enclosures and cable management; data center cabinets and power and cooling solutions; high-speed interconnects; ruggedized/industrial connectivity solutions; and specialty tools and testers.

Receive a free copy of the catalog.

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