MPO/MTP test adapters

Psiber Data introduces MPO/MTP test adapters for WireXpert cable certification tester.

Psiber Data, a provider of test equipment for enterprise networking, has launched an MPO parallel optics test solution for its WireXpert cable certification tester. Psiber's new MPO/MTP test adapters enable data center IT managers to quickly and accurately assess the quality of MPO links. Additionally, the product helps in performing incoming inspection of MPO components such as cassettes.

The key feature of the MPO parallel optics test adapter is a 5-second Autotest that includes a detection of fiber connection map and measurement of loss on each channel. The adapter supports MPO polarity methods A, B, C, as well as non-standard multi-mode parallel optic links. The ability to configure active fibers enables testing of customized parallel optic links such as 8-fiber MPO links.

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Another unique feature of the product is the ability to test breakout links from MPO end to SC/LC connector end. This is made possible due to interoperability between the MPO source adapter and the multimode fiber adapter of the WireXpert. MPO testing is fully integrated into the WireXpert, including settings, data storage, and test reporting. The MPO testing kit consists of MPO/MTP light source adapter and MPO/MTP power meter adapter.

"Whether you are testing newly installed MPO links, aggregation links, or even performing incoming testing of MPO components like cassettes, the WireXpert provides the most accurate and efficient solution on the market. By combining all testing needs in one instrument, it [enables] unparalleled cost savings and convenience," said a representative for Psiber Data.

The MPO testing kit for the WireXpert certifier is available for ordering immediately; shipment is expected in April 2013. More information can be found here.

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