Stud-mount one-piece support handles up to 6 metal clad cabling runs

Feb. 12, 2013
Cooper B-Line has re-designed its BRC6M cable support.

Cooper B-Line has improved upon its BRC6M cable support design to create a stronger, more installer-friendly product. Featuring improved rigidity, the re-designed product can support up to six runs of metal clad (MC) cable in an easy-to-use, one-piece design.

The new BRC6M cable support offers a one-piece design that includes a unique stud mounting feature, says the company. Installers can simply push the support onto the stud where it can be left hands-free until eventually securing with a screw. Further, a new “zip tie” closing feature allows for easier and more reliable securing of cables.

The improved design also allows the support to be securely fastened to the stud using only one screw, without sacrificing rigidity, reducing installation time and material costs.

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The new BRC6M cable support systems from Cooper B-Line are cULus rated and can easily secure NM, MC, and AC cable types. The re-designed cable support also features stiffening ribs and more material to create a solution that is stronger than typical alternatives and ensures compliance with NEC Article 300.4 (D), notes the company.

“We’re continually looking for innovative ways to improve upon our products, and think we have another winner with the redesigned BRC6M cable support bracket,” comments James Anderson, product line manager at Cooper B-Line. “Not only is it stronger and more installer friendly, it vastly improves the installation process for contractors. It’s an ideal solution for contractors looking to improve efficiencies on the job.”

Learn more about Cooper B-Line’s BRC6M cable support bracket.

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