Sunrise Telecom upgrades CATV network, spectrum testers

Sunrise Telecom announced the release of a major firmware upgrade.

Sunrise Telecom has announced the release of a major firmware upgrade for its CM3000 cable modem network and spectrum analyzer and CM3800 Sweep System and DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem network analyzer.

Available for new or field deployed CM3000 and CM3800 test platforms, the new firmware update (version 2.23) provides significant capabilities for enhancing the technician’s ability to analyze and troubleshoot the RF and fiber distribution network. According to Sunrise, new features include the fastest spectrum display with a 0.3 μSec sample rate and 100 mSec sweep rate to capture even the shortest bust of ingress, impulse noise or electrical interference in the upstream path. In addition, equalizer stress, frequency response and group delay measurements have been added to the cable modem and digital video analyzer functions.

“The firmware release is significant to the CATV industry because it vastly improves the capabilities of our CM3000 product family to give technicians the ability to identify and resolve network impairments before they actually impact the customers,” explains Jack Webb, product manager at Sunrise Telecom. “These performance enhancements enable technicians to accurately troubleshoot difficult electrical interference and short duration impulse noise problems -- capabilities that are beyond the scope of typical Digital Service Activation Meters.”

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