ETL certifies Level V accuracy of Psiber’s WireXpert 4500

Accuracy level enables tester to certify Class FA systems; Psiber says it’s also capable of Category 8 testing.

Psiber recently announced it has received an ETL Level V compliance certificate for its WireXpert 4500 tester. “Level V refers to the accuracy specifications for field cable testers to 1000 MHz as defined in the draft ISO standard 61935-1 ed. 4,” Psiber explained, adding that the accuracy level “confirms a field tester’s measurement capability to certify Class FA cabling systems.”

The company further explained that WireXpert 4500’s frequency range is 2500 MHz (2.5 GHz). “The range of cabling standards supported by WireXpert 4500 include Cat 6A, Class FA, and the draft Cat 8,” Psiber said. With sophisticated software-defined measurement system, WireXpert 4500 will adapt the measurements to requirements of new standards as they evolve, protecting our customers’ investment in the tester.”

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