8 key components for successful grounding and bonding

New blog from Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) highlights.

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A new blog from Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) highlights the 8 essential components to a successful grounding and bonding implementation.

According to CPI, the key components include:

1. Grounding busbar: Provides a central ground attachment point for equipment located in the data center or equipment room.

2. Compression lugs and taps: Connect copper or tinned copper conductors to busbars, racks, cabinets, cable runways or other conductors.

3. Two-mounting hole ground terminal block: Provides a convenient way to attach ground wires to racks or cabinets.

4. Ground wire and jumpers: Insulated conductor connects equipment, racks, cabinets, pedestals and pipes to the rack and grounding busbars.

5. Rack busbars: Consolidate equipment grounds on racks and cabinets.

6. Pedestal clamp with grounding connector: Connects raised access floor pedestals to the grounding busbar or supports bare ground wires to make a signal reference and grid.

7. Pipe clamp with grounding connector: Attaches ground wires to metal pipes.

8. Cable runway ground strap kit: Bonds cable runway across splices.

Read the entire blog entry at www.chatsworth.com/blog.

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