Cabling Icon back for third season with more prizes, new contest structure

Three individuals will now earn cash awards, and the judging panel is stacked with cabling-industry hands-on expertise.

The third season of Cabling Icon has launched, with a new contest structure and additional cash awards for the second- and third-place finishers. “Cabling Icon has listened to feedback from past contestants and fans of the contest, and has removed the public-voting aspect from the contest,” organizers announced when officially kicking off its the third year. “Instead of rallying up the votes, contestants will have to rely on their skills to impress the panel of expert judges. The panel of judges comprises four industry professionals who will rate contestants throughout each round and will ultimately choose who will be the Season 3 Cabling Icon.”

Also in this third season, more participants than in the past will earn cash awards. As of this season, Cabling Icon offers a tiered prize package in which the top three contestants will receive cash prizes. The Cabling Icon will receive a cash prize of a minimum $3,500; the cash prize for the overall winner will grow whenever a promotional partner joins. In addition to that cash prize, the Cabling Icon will receive the Golden Punchdown Award, an embroidered Cabling Icon leather vest, bragging rights and recognition. But this year, the contest’s second- and third-place finishers also will receive cash prizes; $1,000 for second place and $500 for third place. The contest’s creator and president of Concert Technologies, Dennis Mazaris, commented, “Cabling Icon continues to grow as a contest where installers and technicians can be recognized for their accomplishments and progress within their careers. At the urging of participants and fans of the contest, we have upgraded the rules for Season 3 and are expanding the prizes to offer second- and third-place prizes.”

The contest includes four rounds—details of and deadlines for them follow.

  • November 18—Application and “Give Us Your Best Shot” video due (Round 1)
  • December 2—UTP Termination Speed Trial video due (Round 2)
  • December 9—Dropping Cable Down Wall video due (Round 3)
  • December 16—Video Q&A completed (Final Round)

The Cabling Icon will be announced December 20. That winner will have the opportunity to participate in the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge, which will be held during the BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, FL February 2-6, 2014. “BICSI brings important educational and training aspects to the third season Cabling Icon contest,” Cabling Icon organizers said. “The third season Cabling Icon may apply to participate in the seventh annual BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge, which is an exciting, multi-day event in which competitors race against the clock and each other in several fast-paced events, such as Fiber Termination, Cable Assembly and SCS Installation, in an effort to be crowned the Installer of the Year and win $5,000.” The $5,000 cash award earned by the Cabling Skills Challenge winner is separate and distinct from the Cabling Icon’s $3,500 cash award. Cabling Icon continued, “If the winner of Cabling Icon is selected to participate in the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge, in addition to the Cabling Icon prize package, Concert Technologies will also provide the following to the third season Cabling Icon: 1) Paid travel to Orlando, FL for the 2014 BICSI Winter Conference and Exhibition; 2) Complimentary conference registration; 3) Hotel accommodations and meals during the conference; 4) Wages for the 40-hour work week while the Cabling Icon is attending the conference.”

David Richards, who chairs and is head judge of the annual BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge, said, “I am very pleased to see that Concert Technologies is once again demonstrating the value and impact that having properly trained and certified ITS Installers and Technicians can have on our industry. The Cabling Icon event has created a unique blend of real-world and social-media competition that allows competitors to demonstrate their technical knowledge and skills firsthand in an exciting and self-directed format that any self-motivated ITS professional can compete in.

“After following the competition closely last season I could not help but be reminded of the incredible amount of talented and professional individuals we have representing the ITS industry to our customers. I am excitedly looking forward to the first round of this third season’s upcoming competition as I have become a fan myself. As an added incentive for the competitors again this year, we are proud to partner up with Concert Technologies by offering an additional opportunity to this season’s Cabling Icon winner by providing a prequalified spot to compete against regional and district champions in the annual BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge, and the opportunity to be crowned with the globally recognized ‘BICSI Installer of the Year’ title.”

If the third-season Cabling Icon does not meet the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge requirement of holding either a BICSI ITS Installer or Technician credential, BICSI will award the winner with a scholarship seat to a BICSI ITS Cabling Installation Program course. Should the individual pass the associated exam and become credentialed by BICSI, the third season Cabling Icon will have the opportunity to qualify as an applicant for the 204 BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge.

Mazaris commented, “We are excited to have BICSI working with us for the Cabling Icon contest for many years. To be able to have BICSI provide an educational scholarship to the third season Cabling Icon opens doors to that individual’s career path beyond the cash prizes offered.”

You can get more details on the Cabling Icon contest, including how to enter, here.

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