Tablet-inspired OTDR has large touchscreen, icon-based GUI

Oct. 2, 2013
EXFO says its MaxTester 700B simplifies and speeds up daily test routines, enabling faster builds of networks.

The new MaxTester 700B optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) series from EXFO is a tablet-inspired handheld tool that features automation and intelligence, the company says, that makes “frontline OTDR field testing faster and more accessible with unprecedented end-user experience.” EXFO says the OTDR series directly addresses rising challenges to deploy more fiber faster, with limited resources or training time.

“Inspired by today’s intuitive and high-performance tablet technologies, the automated and intelligent MaxTester OTDR series helps contractors and service providers build faster, more-reliable networks,” the company said when announcing the tester series. EXFO added that its “tablet-inspired design features a large, 7-inch outdoor-enhance touchscreen,” which it says is the largest screen on such a handheld device—“making it small enough to fit in one hand, yet large enough to provide clear, squint-free presentation of results.” It also features an icon-based GUI in what EXFO describes as a Windows-like environment “that can easily be mastered right from the outset.” The rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours.

The series comprises three models “to cover any front line fiber-test application, from last-mile to access to FTTH/PON,” EXFO said. “The MaxTester OTDRs replace EXFO’s AXS-100/110 OTDR series, in turn bringing an advanced iOLM application to the handheld market,” the company added. The iOLM OTDR-based application is powered by trademarked LinkAware technology, which EXFO explained “combines an intelligent and dynamic multipulse approach with multiple wavelengths—all in a unique single-link view that frees technicians from having to perform complex OTDR analysis.”

Etienne Gagnon, vice president of EXFO’s test and measurement division, said, “These solutions are a direct response to customer feedback, reflecting their need for compact, budget-friendly, powerful yet intuitive testing tools inspired by tablets and smartphones. Our new MaxTester 700B series combines our quality-designed OTDR with a unique form factor to provide unmatched user experience and make daily test routines more simple and efficient.”

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