BICSI president-elect, three other board members chosen

Membership voting resulted in the re-election of two region directors as well as a new treasurer and president-elect. Their two-year terms begin in February.

Brian Ensign has been chosen by BICSI members to be the organization’s president-elect, serving in that position from 2014 to 2016 before taking the helm as the association’s president for the 2016-2018 term. Ensign joins three other individuals who were elected to BICSI’s board of directors during the voting period that ended September 30. BICSI’s treasurer for the 2014-2016 term will be Mel Lesperance. Re-elected as region directors during the election cycle were Christy Miller of the U.S. North-Central Region and Carol Everett Oliver of the U.S. Northeast Region.

The new officers officially will be inaugurated in February 2014 during BICSI’s Winter Conference and Exhibition, which will be held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, FL. At that time, BICSI’s current president-elect, Michael Collins, will succeed current president Jerry Bowman in that role. Commenting on the recent elections and on membership at the highest levels of BICSI in general, Bowman said, “Assuming a board of director’s role is a landmark event for both the candidate and for BICSI. Election to a board leadership position is recognition of the candidate’s contributions to BICSI and often to the industry. From a BICSI perspective, election to the board typically comes after years of committee and industry service. On behalf of the current board of directors, we welcome these incoming board members and look forward to their vision, wisdom and leadership as they assume a governance role in helping to define strategic and financial matters for BICSI.”

BICSI board membership is a two-year elected term, and the association staggers the elections such that each year several new or re-elected board members join several other members of the board whose positions will be up for election the following year. In February, when Collins becomes president, Ensign president-elect, and Miller and Oliver begin their next two-year terms, they will join existing board members Robert Erickson (Secretary), Larry Gillen (U.S. Western Region Director), Peter Levoy (Canadian Region Director), Jeffrey Beavers (U.S. South-Central Region Director), Brendan “Greg” Sherry (European Region Director), and Charles “Chuck” Wilson (U.S. Southeast Region Director). You can find more information on BICSI’s board of directors here.

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