Portable cable reels

Steel-and-aluminum construction reels from Hannay are designed for broadcast, communications and pro-audio applications.

Hannay AV Series reels
Hannay AV Series reels

The Hannay AV Series reels are meant for broadcast, communications and pro-audio applications. The company says the reels are used globally by production, recording and filming facilities, in addition to being deployed for live events and concerts, mobile-broadcast units, and satellite cable companies.

The reels are made of steel and aluminum and have a black non-reflective matte finish. They feature welded channels and frame clips for stacking. Hannay says these characteristics promote maximum transport and storage efficiency.

A removable side-mounted connector panel allows customization of XLR and BNC connector patterns; an adjustable friction brake prevents cable overrun and damage during operations. The reels are available with caster wheels for greater accessibility.

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