New Telect system enables tool-less overhead fiber-optic cable management

April 9, 2013
Telect has released its WaveTrax Express system.

Network infrastructure equipment manufacturer Telect (Liberty Lake, WA) has released its WaveTrax Express system for tool-less overhead cable management. Compatible with Telect, TE, and Panduit fiber trough systems, the platform is designed to expand overhead fiber ducting systems while alleviating the complicated pre-planning associated with traditional fiber ducting methods.

The WaveTrax Express system routes fiber, drops fiber into equipment and racks, separates fiber for patching and splicing, and manages overfills. Offering tool-free installation via a ratcheting bracket, the system installs anywhere along a fiber trough. It is suitable for both new fiber builds and existing layouts, and eliminates foreign object debris associated with traditional installation, says the company.

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"Say goodbye to specialized tools, cutting trough, and pre-designed layouts," comments Eric Ballew, Telect's director of fiber, said. "With Express, you decide where you want runs, drops, and intersections, and instantly complete the build. No more having to envision every future fiber turn, drop, and intersection. Building and expanding overhead fiber ducting systems has never been easier."

Greg Hilbert, a mechanical engineer on Telect's fiber product team, adds, "WaveTrax Express accelerates network growth by reducing installation time up to 80%. With Telect's innovative ratcheting system, engineered for a simple click-on installation, fiber builds are streamlined. Now you can build and expand trough systems without cutting around live fiber and fighting FOD [foreign object debris]."

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