Cable seals hold up in corrosive environments

April 29, 2013
Cable-entry sealing systems from Roxtec are available in multiple sizes.

Roxtec recently added to its ComSeal cable-entry product line with the introduction of ComSeal LW and ComSeal AISI 316.

The Roxtec ComSeal LW (photo below, left) products provide “an attractive solution in terms of price, technical demands and added value to enable a new market within high-volume cabinet and enclosure manufacturers,” the company explains. The frames of the manufacturer’s original ComSeal system have been slimmed down for this version, so they fit EM modules, Roxtec says. ComSeal LW products have aluminum frames, are approved for IP 44 and UL/NEMA 3R and are supplied as ready-made kits.

Also new from Roxtec are AISI 316 products (photo below, right), which are suitable for corrosive environments, the company says. “Another advantage is that the solution fulfills the requirements that the cable entry solution should be of the same material as the cabinet, for cabinets made of stainless steel,” Roxtec adds. The stainless-steel-framed cable-entry systems are available in three sizes and supplied as ready-made kits. They are approved for IP 55 and UL/NEMA 3, 12 and 12K.

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