Platinum Tools unveils 10Gig termination kit

May 23, 2013
New kit includes 10-Gig Cat 6A shielded connectors and the company's Tele-Titan Xg Cat6A crimp tool, as well as a cable stripper and external crimper.

Platinum Tools has introduced its 10Gig Termination Kit (P/N 90170), billed as a complete turnkey field kit that includes 10-Gig Cat 6A shielded connectors and the company's Tele-Titan Xg Cat6A crimp tool, as well as a cable stripper and external crimper. The new system, which the company says exceeds 10-Gig performance standard requirements for streaming high bandwidth across Cat 6E, Cat 6A, and Cat 7 cable, is now shipping.

“Streaming media traffic, whether, data, audio or video, is on a sharp rise and networks are demanding more bandwidth,” comments John Phillips, Platinum Tools product manager. “That means bigger and usually shielded cable, such as Cat 6E, Cat 6A and Cat 7. Our new 10Gig Kit terminates larger cable to meet 10-Gig standards.”

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Phillips adds, “Our 10-Gig Cat6A shielded connector not only meets, but exceeds these requirements. Used along with the Tele-TitanXg crimp tool, our cable stripper and external shielded crimper, you achieve an optimal termination every time.”

Specs for the kit's RJ45 Cat 6A 10-Gig shielded connector (P/N 106190) include the following:
-- Max cable OD: 8.5mm/0.335in.
-- Max conductor OD: 1.35mm/0.053in.
-- Exceeds 10-Gig performance standard
-- UL and RoHS compliant

Descriptions for the rest of the kit's contents are as follows:

Tele-TitanXg Crimp Tool (P/N 12515)
Compact, balanced and fits in the hand or pocket easily. Specifically built for [the company's] 10-Gig connector, it terminates all pins to industry specified crimp heights with nominal hand force. The embedded cable strippers for round and flat cables easily adjust and control depth of the blade when stripping Cat 5e/6 cables. Includes a built-in cable cutter.

Cyclops 2 Cable Jacket Stripper (P/N 15010)
Removes the cable jackets from many types of twisted pair, multicore, and fiber optic cables. It self adjusts to automatically cut PVC, plenum, and others without damaging the braids, foils, or conductors. One piece design, ready-to-use right out of the package.

CT-360 Crimper (P/N 12360C)
The lightweight, easy-to-use CT-360 performs 360 crimps on the external ground tab of shielded RJ45 connectors for Cat 5e, Cat 6E, Cat 7, Cat 5/6, and Cat 6A cables for a concentric termination with full control.

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