Greenlee Textron acquires cable-installation equipment provider Sherman and Reilly

May 1, 2013
The acquired company manufactures equipment used to pull cables in utility environments including telecom as well as electrical transmission and distribution.

Greenlee Textron has acquired Sherman and Reilly Inc., a manufacturer of underground and aerial transmission and distribution products for telecommunications and electrical cable lines. Greenlee describes the acquisition as “a strategic move to broaden its position in the utility segment.”

Scott Hall, president of the Textron Industrial Segment as well as Greenlee, commented, “Sherman and Reilly is an acknowledged leader in heavy pulling products for distribution and transmission applications. Like Greenlee Utility, the company has a strong brand built on innovation and service to the utility professional.” He added that the acquired company “is a logical complement to our Greenlee Utility and Gator products and will significantly expand Greenlee’s presence in the utility segment.”

Products in Sherman and Reilly’s telecommunications line include fiber-optic cable-installation jetting equipment as well as tools and accessories. “Sherman and Reilly supplies a full spectrum of fiber-optic cable installation equipment ranging from fiber-to-the-business down to multiple dwelling units,” the company’s website says. “These jetting systems are lightweight and extremely versatile.” Additionally, the company’s tools and supplies “support the jetting equipment you use in the field,” Sherman and Reilly says. “From power packs to duct couplers and inserts, we have the tools to ensure efficiency in your operation.”

Pictured below is Figaro, part of the company’s tools-and-accessories line. “Figaro is a passive intermediate cable-storage device that is designed to store cable without starting at the cable-end,” the company explains. “It is typically set up in the middle of a cable route where half of the cable is installed. The remainder is stored in the Figaro to get to the cable-end, which has been on the inside of the cable reel. The balance of the cable is then installed going the opposite direction from the midpoint using the Figaro, as one would a cable reel. Figaro may be used for downstream storage in conjunction with a take-up reel. The Figaro allows for a stress-free storage of the cable in a coil as the cable is laid in the protective basket.”

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