Cushion-grip punchdown tool

March 3, 2014
Klein’s newest punchdown tool features a metal-injection-molded blade for long-lasting cutting performance.

Klein Tools recently introduced the Cushion-Grip Impact Punchdown Tool and Blade, which it describes as “unique” as it “incorporates a cushion-grip handle, hi/lo impact settings and an inherently long shaft for reaching into narrow or crowded blocks.” Klein also explains that the tool’s newly designed metal injection molded (MIM) Dura-Blade “has been constructed to deliver long-lasting cutting performance. Using a two-step impact process, the Cushion-Grip Impact Punchdown Tool and Blade ensure a precise wire insertion and trim each time.”

The punchdown tool is made specifically for 110 and 66 blocks, crossconnect systems and wall jacks. “Most current punchdown tools follow the same traditional, square-based pyramid style that is difficult to maneuver and requires additional accessories to reach into tight spaces,” says Sean O’Flaherty, senior product manager with Klein Tools. On the other hand, he says, the Cushion-Grip Impact Punchdown Tool “naturally overcomes these hurdles with its comfortable screwdriver-shape design that includes a long, narrow shaft that eliminates these limitations and provides easy, precise access to panels and blocks.”

Klein lists the tool’s features as follows.

  • A two-step impact process precisely inserts and then trims off excess wire
  • An integrated, extra-long shaft for reaching into bulky, crowded blocks
  • A “Hi/Lo” impact functionality for adjustable compression force on various wire gauges, blocks and jacks
  • A Cushion-Grip handle reduces hand fatigue and provides superior comfort
  • A heavy-duty metal collar for strength and longevity
  • Dura-Blade 66/110 Cut Combination Punchdown Blade with MIM technology for better quality, durability and performance

The VDV Cushion-Grip Impact Punchdown Tool Kit (pictured) “provides everything a technician needs to install and maintain panels, crossconnect systems and wall jacks,” Klein says. The kit includes the punchdown tool with blade, a wire pick/spudger, and multi-pocket pouch with belt clip.

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