BICSI’s professional development program renamed BICSI Learning Academy

Aug. 27, 2014
The Academy includes three facets: BICSI World Headquarters, online learning through BICSI Connect, and close-to-home BICSI Local.

BICSI has rebranded its professional development program with the unveiling of BICSI Learning Academy. The new name and look were revealed by BICSI president Michael Collins in the most recent issue of the member newsletter BICSI Insider. In his message to the membership, Collins said, “The BICSI Learning Academy, as a whole, allows us to provide better, more-focused training to fit your needs. Made up of three distinct facets designed to work in harmony, BICSI Learning Academy gives you the ability to choose where and how you receive training.”

The three facets are: BICSI World Headquarters, BICSI Connect, and BICSI Local. “As the name suggests, BICSI offers courses on site at our World Headquarters location in Tampa, Florida,” Collins added, further describing the training environment at the Tampa facility. On BICSI Connect, he noted, “No matter the field of study, more and more training has become available online. BICSI is keeping up with this trend via the online learning platform, BICSI Connect. A variety of technical and professional courses are available online …” And with respect to BICSI Local, Collins said, “BICSI offers its entire training suite at facilities around the world. We take great care to schedule classes in areas most convenient to you, such as major metropolitan areas and conference sites. These facilities are set up with a mobile lab and technical equipment to provide an educational experience comparable to that at BICSI World Headquarters. BICSI Local also includes on-site courses, where a BICSI Training Delivery Specialist and course materials are sent to a company’s facility in order to train multiple employees at one time … BICSI also created the Authorized Design Training Provider and Authorized Training Facility programs, where BICSI-certified instructors teach BICSI courses at various locations throughout the world.”

You can visit the BICSI Learning Academy page here.

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