Time Warner seeking cabling systems Field Technician 1 in Columbus, OH

Time Warner Cable is currently seeking to fil an open position for a Field Technician 1, based at the company's Columbus, OH location.

Time Warner Cable is currently seeking to fil an open position for a Field Technician 1, based at the company's Columbus, OH location. The position was posted to the company's job listings on August 1, 2014. Per the position's description, the company is looking for an individual "to install, maintain and repair Time Warner Cable residential equipment and services located between the distribution point (i.e., tap) and the customer's equipment."

Essential duties and responsibilities for the Field Installer 1 also include the following: to install, service, and disconnect residential video, data and voice services; to perform underground and aerial cable service installations and disconnects; to configure coaxial drop system to meet Time Warner Cable installation standards; to analyze, maintain and repair residential coaxial drop system, phone wiring data network equipment and service; to install Time Warner Cable customer premise equipment while maintaining an accurate and complete inventory of all company-issued equipment; to educate customers about Time Warner Cable's products and services and present them with service upgrade opportunities; to perform personal computer software configurations; to identify defective customer equipment and ensure a timely return to the warehouse for processing; to communicate routine-demand plant maintenance and demand construction referrals.

Job-related qualifications, in terms of knowledge, skills, abilities, are as follows: may be required to climb poles utilizing, while wearing related safety equipment; must utilize step and extension ladders up to 32' in height to perform essential duties; must possess and apply relevant knowledge of Time Warner Cable, applicable federal and state occupation health and safety regulations, General Orders 95 and l28 rules and regulations; must possess knowledge of basic electronic theory as it relates to essential duties, and relevant knowledge of personal computer hardware and software; the ability to utilize software (i.e., ping tools) to analyze network connectivity; the ability to use signal level meter and various test equipment to perform essential duties; the ability to use various electronic devices to communicate between service location and office; must meet TWC attendance standards; the ability to interact with coworkers and customers in a positive manner, follow directions and work rules and accept constructive feedback; the ability to read installation directions and work aides; the ability to perform mathematical calculations to meet Time Warner Cable's signal level standards at customer premise; the ability to communicate professionally, effectively, and courteously with customers and coworkers; and the ability to analyze and troubleshoot cable equipment and wiring.

Other duties and responsibilities may include the following: the individual may be required or called upon to assist in on-the-job training of other Field Technicians (FT) as necessary. Further, all FT's must successfully complete Time Warner Cable's Field Technician training program, which includes both classroom, field training, and evaluation of individual work in the field, within six months of the person's hire date.

The job's schedule is Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM. The individual may be required to work overtime as necessary and to perform on-call duty during non-business hours in areas that require on-call duty, including weekends and holidays.

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