Tech brief describes integrated approach for FTTx network lifecycle management

Planning, building and operating an FTTx network is a technically complex undertaking that requires robust and flexible Operations Support Systems (OSS).

A new white paper outlines the capabilities and components of a joint platform of integrated technologies from Oracle and Synchronoss OSS, optimized for supporting the end-to-end business processes of those deploying FTTx networks.

"Planning, building and operating FTTx networks is a technically complex undertaking that requires robust and flexible Operations Support Systems (OSS) to manage the FTTx deployment, from planning [and] design, to construction and operation of the active network and passive infrastructure layers," states the paper's introduction.

"However, the lack of fully integrated OSS solutions that address these multiple layers of FTTx deployment often results in costly and lengthy network deployment cycles," continues the document. "This is due to inaccurate data, error prone processes and inconsistent network designs that fail to meet customer demands and business asset utilization and ROI targets. These issues also lead to operational silos within today’s network operators that further increase capex and opex."

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Recognizing these conditions, Oracle and Synchronoss say they have combined each company’s complementary capabilities to create a comprehensive, integrated solution to support FTTx network lifecycle management.

According to the companies, the integrated FTTX lifecycle management platform, which may be deployed incrementally in a phased manner, is designed:

-- To provide functional integration across the network planning, design, build and operations processes, as a means of reducing opex;

-- To maximize asset utilization to minimize capex;

-- To provide full visibility of the network configuration to support day-to-day operations activities;

-- Ultimately, to enable more informed business decision-making on the part of network owners/operators.

View/Download the white paper.

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