Siemon offering free punchdown termination tool with Cat 6 outlet combo packs

Contractors purchasing the limited-time combo pack are also automatically eligible to enter Siemon’s $1000 MAX TurboTool Termination Challenge.

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Network infrastructure specialist Siemon announced the launch of its new MAX TurboTool promotional combo pack. With the limited time combo pack offer, cabling contractors and installers can receive a free MAX TurboTool when purchasing select MAX 6 outlet bulk packs.

Developed specifically for contractors and cabling professionals, the company says its new MAX TurboTool can significantly reduce termination times for Siemon Category 5e and 6 UTP MAX outlets. Unlike traditional single conductor punchdown tools, the MAX TurboTool simultaneously seats and cuts all eight cable conductors simultaneously, allowing a four-pair MAX UTP outlet to be terminated in a single action for increased productivity and reduced hand fatigue.

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Each MAX TurboTool combo pack contains 100 Category 6 MAX outlets, available in white, black, blue or red and in either flat or angled configuration and includes one free TurboTool. This limited-time promotion ends April 30, 2014. For more information, visit:

Additionally, with any purchase of these promotional packs, contractors are automatically eligible to enter Siemon’s new MAX TurboTool Termination Challenge. Similar to Siemon’s recent Z-MAX Challenge where the winning termination time was as low as 23.5 seconds, this new contest challenges cabling contractors to test their skills against fellow cabling pros to see who can perform the fastest Category 6 MAX termination using Siemon’s MAX TurboTool.

With available prizes of $1000, $500 and $250 for the top three fastest times, the contest offers more than just professional bragging rights, notes the company. The MAX TurboTool Termination Challenge is open to all cabling contractors and also ends on April 30, 2014. Contest entry is easy; contractors simply need to record a smartphone video of their fastest MAX TurboTool termination and email it to

Full contest details, rules, video recording and email instructions are posted at:

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