Pasternack launches new RF calculators, conversion tools for engineers

New set of RF calculators and conversion tools assists engineers in answering complex RF-related product and design questions.

Pasternack PE logo
Pasternack PE logo

Pasternack Enterprises (Irvine, CA), a manufacturer and supplier of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, has created and published a new set of RF calculators and conversion tools to assist engineers in answering complex RF-related product and design questions that may arise on a daily basis.

A total of 27 RF calculators have been developed by the engineering staff at Pasternack to provide users and buyers of RF components with an easy-to-use resource while in the planning or design phases of their projects. The new RF calculators and converters include link budget, coax impedance, RF power conversion (such as dBm to Watts), attenuation, frequency, wavelength, VSWR/return loss, torque, noise, Free Space Path Loss (FSPL), unit conversion, microstrip and others. Each calculator page includes a diagram or illustrated depiction of what the calculator is used for, as well as the mathematical formula for the chosen calculator.

The new RF calculators contain a value-added feature geared for engineers looking to take the results of their calculations to the next step of purchasing products that meet their requirements. In each of the product-oriented calculators, where applicable, the user plugs in the variables for their desired calculation and, based on the result, the calculator will produce a “Find Related Products” button that directs the user to Pasternack products that meet the specified criteria. The company says that this feature allows engineers and buyers to both research and purchase as needed from one location, avoiding the hassle of going between numerous sites.

“Our new selection of RF calculators is a great complement to our growing ‘Engineer Resource Center’ on our website,” comments John Farley, director of marketing at Pasternack. “We are continually growing our technical resource library to further position Pasternack as the industry leader in RF products and RF-related knowledge.”

Access Pasternack’s new RF calculators and RF conversion tools.

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