Siemon again looking for fastest Cat 6 ‘terminator’

The company is upping the ante on its Max TurboTool Challenge, if this year’s winner can beat the 24.18-second termination time of last year’s champ.

Siemon recently announced the second season of its Max TurboTool Challenge—a contest among cabling contractors seeking the one who can most quickly terminate a Category 6 cable using the company’s Max TurboTool. Siemon explains the tool was “developed specifically for contractors and cabling professionals,” and that it “significantly reduces termination times for Siemon Category 5e and 6 UTP Max outlets.

“Unlike traditional single-conductor punchdown tools,” the company continued, “the Max TurboTool simultaneously seats and cuts all eight cable conductors simultaneously, allowing a four-pair Max UTP outlet to be terminated in a single action for increased productivity and reduced hand fatigue.”

In the first round of the contest, Alberto Luna of Total Network Consulting won a $1,000 prize with a termination time of 24.18 seconds. You can see Luna’s termination on video here.

For this second round, Siemon says, “the contest is going global, giving cabling pros a chance to compete with the best installers in the world. The fastest time wins $1,000, and if the winning entry is faster than the 24.18-second world record, the top prize increases to $1,500.”

To enter, installers record a smartphone video of their fastest Max TurboTool termination and email it to The contest ends on August 31, 2014. Complete information on the contest can be found here.

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