Adtran drives FTTH network installation in rural Kansas

June 6, 2014
Blue Valley Tele-Communications (BVTC) mounts rural fiber-optic network upgrade with Adtran gear.

Blue Valley Tele-Communications (BVTC) is reportedly upgrading its fiber-optic network in 17 communities in northeastern Kansas via equipment from Adtran (NASDAQ: ADTN). The fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment will secure the economic future of nearly 7500 residential and business customers in the area, the equipment provider asserts. "As an early adopter of fiber-optic networks, BVTC has always understood how technology can enable for rural communities the same innovation, growth, and prosperity found in larger metropolitan areas," said a representative for Adtran.

"Not only are businesses in northeastern Kansas driving commerce growth via BVTC’s voice, video, and data services, but local schools are participating in distance learning," added the company spokesperson. "The community is also benefiting from stronger medical care, as doctors are now able to consult and share digitally transmitted medical data with colleagues around the world from the local hospitals."

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In this most recent fiber-optic network upgrade, BVTC replaced its existing equipment (apparently from Tellabs) with Adtran's integrated Total Access 5000 platform with Optical Networking Edge (ONE) capabilities to support the delivery of gigabit FTTH and Carrier Ethernet services through its access infrastructure, as well as leverage packet-optical transport to carry those premium services across its footprint. BVTC says it can now support stringent cloud and mobile backhaul service-level agreements as well as deliver IPTV, voice over IP (VoIP), and high-speed Internet.

“Blue Valley Tele-Communications has always believed in the impact technology can have on the economic progress and quality of life for our customers. It truly has the ability to keep our communities on an even playing field with national and even global competitors,” says Jon Novak, project manager, Blue Valley Tele-Communications, Inc. Novak concludes, “The versatility of Adtran’s broadband solutions enable us to have a single vendor to partner with us in deploying transport and access services. That combined with Adtran’s overall knowledge of the market helps us deliver best-in-class services while providing growing economic opportunities for our residents, businesses and community as a whole.”

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Source: Lightwave

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