Rackstuds' new version now Chatsworth, Great Lakes -compliant

Dec. 17, 2014
The new ‘blue’ Rackstud is especially designed to suit racks with thicker vertical rails.

Rack Studs Limited (Auckland, New Zealand) announced the introduction of a new Rackstud model that is blue in color, designed to suit vertical rails sized between 2.2 mm/0.086” and 2.7 mm/0.106”. In a press release, the company said the new ‘blue’ Rackstud is especially designed to suit Chatsworth, Great Lakes and other manufacturers' racks with thicker vertical rails.

The company explains that the rails on some IT and data center racks exceed the capabilities of its existing red Rackstuds, which accommodate rails up to 2.2 mm/0.086”. Less than six months after being notified of this issue, the company now states that the new, blue version of the Rackstuds product has gone into production, allowing more rack models to take advantage of the uniquely designed platform's gear-mounting capabilities.

The company contends that the new, blue product will save time while allowing even heavy equipment to be mounted in technology racks by only one installer. The Rackstuds product is intended as a replacement for the common metal cage nut that has been the IT industry's incumbent (and arguably only) mounting choice for many years, adds the company.

"Rackstuds are a universal replacement for cage nuts used to mount equipment in 19” racks with square punched vertical rails," said Peter Stothers, managing director for Rack Studs Limited. The Rackstuds line is available throughout Australasia, the USA, Canada and the UK "with resellers in France, South Africa and Sweden about to come on board," added Stothers. Learn more at http://rackstuds.com.

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