Adjustable cable stripper handles halogen-free-insulated wires

Oct. 28, 2014
Weidmuller’s stripax ULtimate has a self-adjusting blade that allows it to automatically adapt to the cable’s wire size.

Weidmuller recently expanded its stripax brand line of self-adjusting wire strippers by adding the stripax Ultimate, which the company characterizes as a high-precision instrument. “Designed to strip wires that have tough, halogen-free insulation, the stripax ULtimate simplifies and reduces wire-preparation time,” the company said.

“Halogen-free insulating materials are rapidly becoming mandatory in applications such as wind turbines, where exposure to harsh conditions and extreme environments is common,” Weidmuller explained. “The stripax Ultimate is the ideal hand tool for halogen-free insulation and other wires specified for use in high-temperature environments, including those classified by UL as THHN [Thermoplastic High Heat-resistant Nylon-coated] and SIS.”

The stripax ULtimate stripper’s blade set allows users to strip most halogen-free insulation materials, and other tough insulation types, from 24 to 10 AWG, Weidmuller said, up to a length of one inch. “The self-adjusting blade allows the stripax ULtimate to automatically adapt to the wire size,” the company added. “An additional adjustment can be made, by turning a screw beneath the strip blades, for large-gauge or wire with very hard insulation. This new stripping tool also features a three-stage partial stripping function to retain a portion of stripped insulation on the tip of the conductors. This helps prevent the wire strands from fanning out, simplifying the process of ferrule placement.”

The 7.5-inch, 6-ounce tool features a foldable protective cover to prevent accidental wire cutting during the stripping process. Its clamping jaws open automatically after stripping, and Weidmuller says blade replacement is a quick, simple process. Additionally, the stripper’s wire-stop mechanism for strip length and insulation thickness settings easily adjust through the use of a slider, and double-insulated wires are processed in two operations without any special adjustment.

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