Customer pulls gun on cable installer in payment dispute

The Comcast subscriber confiscated technician’s tools and pulled out a handgun over a service-call fee.

A cablinginstaller had a frightening and potentially life-threatening experience at a customer site in Albuquerque, NM on Monday, July 28 when a residential customer pointed a gun and took possession of the installer’s tools in a dispute over a service fee.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Officer Thomas Vigil, Comcast technician Clifton Ratliff arrived at the home of Gloria Baca-Lucero to perform work. When Ratliff informed Baca-Lucero that the services would incur a fee, she objected and called Comcast customer service, which confirmed the service would in fact incur a fee.

What happened next is unclear; each party has its own version of the story. What is not in dispute is that Baca-Lucero took some of Ratliff’s tools into the home and when he attempted to retrieve them, Baca-Lucero walked out of the home carrying a handgun. Baca-Lucero claimed she pointed the gun in the air; Ratliff claims she pointed it at his torso. Ratliff left the property because, as he told police, he “did not want to get shot.”

Baca-Lucero was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

You can read the full criminal complaint, via scribd, here.

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