Fluke Networks eliminates cloud-service fee for LinkSprinter tester

Test tool enables users to store, manage, analyze and filter test results; now at no charge.

Fluke Networks has eliminated the cloud-service fee structured it had in place when it launched its LinkSprinter test tool on March 13. An email from a representative of Fluke Networks explained: “To make the tool even more affordable for a growing base of customers, the current cloud-service fee has been eliminated, making storage of all network tests in the clod completely free.

“Now, with the purchase of a LinkSprinter, customers can store, manage, analyze and filter all test results, email and annotate results, generate custom reports, configure test parameters, and update firmware in the cloud without any costs.”

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Initially, LinkSprinter users could purchase “pay-as-you-go” cloud-service packages, the costs of which were between about 8 and 10 cents per test, on average. Now, as Fluke Networks explained, the cloud service’s analysis and reporting capabilities have no cost.

LinkSprinter is available on Amazon.

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