Insulated tool line slims down

April 4, 2014
Klein’s high-voltage-protection tools sport slimmer, sleeker profiles.

Klein Tools recently announced it has made its line of insulated hand tools slimmer and sleeker. The insulated tools are useful in high-voltage environments, as the company explains: “New injection-molded grips feature Klein’s unique, three-part insulation that includes a white underlayer that acts as a continuous sleeve around the steel handle and serves as a warning sign if the insulation is compromised. This also adds an extra layer of protection compared to other insulated tools on the market … Each tool is marked with the official 1000V symbol, which signifies that the tool has been tested to 10,000V. Additionally, they are marked with the official VDE GS logo, signifying that each tool is certified by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute in Germany—one of the world’s most prominent independent testing organizations for electric and electronic products.”

The company adds that the tool’s multi-color design features small thumb guards for ease of handling and storage in a tool belt. “This series offers the core tools an electrician needs to get the job done safely, including New England style side cutters, diagonal cutters, long-nose pliers, cable cutters, pump pliers and wire strippers.”

To conform to the standards to which they have been tested, the tools have been put through a rigorous internal testing process, Klein says, to ensure they can handle any situation they might encounter in the field. “Klein Tools controls the entire manufacturing process in the United States, starting with a proprietary blend of steel forged by Klein, through a proprietary three-stage heat-treating and -testing process,” the company said. Product manager David Klein added, “Safety is extremely important to electricians. This line was developed to provide the tools electricians use every day in a sleek insulated design that are easy to use and store.”

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