Laser-engraved labels support fiber-optic cabling for Premier League broadcasts

May 13, 2014
TTL Video installs, tests, repairs and maintains cabling and broadcast systems for sports and other entertainment venues.

Silver Fox, a U.K. manufacturer of labeling systems, recently announced it has been supplying laser-engraved labels to broadcast-system engineering firm TTL Video. “Principally, these labels help TTL Video-which offers cable installation, testing, repair and maintenance services for broadcast and fiber-optic cable—whose equipment records Premier League football games, for broadcast,” Silver Fox said.

“Most of our panels are custom-made and it’s important for us to get these made quickly, so that we can do our job,” explained Stefan Bewsey, TTL Video’s technical and logistical support supervisor. “Since the installations to which these panels refer change from day to day, depending on the needs of the broadcasters for which we work, we need suppliers that are flexible and highly adaptable in order to meet our requirements. We have up to 50 cameras positioned around each ground. These include audio, fiber, data and triaxial cameras, so there are about six or seven cutouts that Silver Fox has to make for us for each job we do.”

Bewsey added, “Silver Fox is able to change its label designs and wording quickly—and that makes things a lot easier for us, helping us to do the job we need to do: to bring each game to the viewers.”

TTL Video supplies broadcast-engineering expertise and facilities to the international television, sports and entertainment industries, Silver Fox explained in a release describing the solutions it creates for TTL. “Carrying out major installation and consultancy projects as well as de-rig and truck-based outside broadcast production, its primary areas of operation are systems integration; outside broadcasts; installation of venue and stadium broadcast facilities; consultancy and expertise for engineering projects, as well as cable and fiber-optic termination and repair,” the release continued.

Silver Fox chief executive officer Nick Michaelson commented, “Being one of the U.K.’s foremost suppliers of turnkey communications and broadcasting systems for venues and sports stadia, TTL Video installs and terminates a wide range of copper and fiber-optic cable types, including Category 5E, 6, 6A and single and multimode fiber. At Silver Fox, we supply a complete range of standard and customized label solutions, which are suitable for TTL Video’s any and every labeling need. When it comes to customized engraved labels, we product laser labels, stainless steel labels, Traffolyte labels and metal-engraved tags.”

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