Cat 6 cable-to-jack termination examined, re-examined

ShowMeCables (Chesterfield, MO) demonstrates how to terminate a Category 6 dual row jack.

How to terminate a Cat 6 dual row jack
How to terminate a Cat 6 dual row jack

It started simply enough. We posted the video embedded below, which shows the process of terminating a Category 6 cable to a dual-row jack. Then we let our LinkedIn Group members know about the video by sharing it with them. That was when it got interesting. As can be read here in our LinkedIn Group discussion, several professionals in the cabling industry pointed out flaws in the termination process carried out. We also were chastised a few times for failing to uphold the level of technical accuracy that visitors expect from us - and expect from material shared through a professional-based medium like LinkedIn. Appropriate statements, all of them.

For the time being at least, we're still hosting the video here - perhaps more than anything else as a lesson in what not to do.

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