Web seminar discusses, demos fiber-test procedures

Three OLTS and two OTDR methods will be explained.

A webcast seminar that will be broadcast live on Thursday, November 29 will tackle the frequently misunderstood procedures for testing installed fiber-optic cabling. The seminar will be hosted by Cabling Installation & Maintenance and presented by Jim Hayes, founder of such organizations as The Fiber Optic Association (FOA) and the former Fiber Optic Test Equipment Company (FOTEC). Hayes, who remains president of the FOA, will present on some basic optical-transmission theory then turn his attention to when, why and how to employ specific fiber-test methods. The seminar is entitled “5 Ways to Test Installed Fiber-Optic Cabling” and is expected to last approximately an hour, including a question-and-answer session between Hayes and the audience.

In its description of the seminar, Cabling Installation & Maintenance said, “The testing of an installed fiber-optic cabling system is not as simple as pressing a single button on a piece of test equipment. For insertion-loss measurements using power meters and light sources in particular, the establishment of a 0-dB loss reference can take any of three different forms. Beyond that, testing with an optical time-domain reflectometer can be done single- or double-ended. Established industry standards do not provide clear, concise directions for how or when to apply these five different test methods. This seminar … takes a hands-on look at each of these five test methods. Attendees will see the physical setup of each method and gain a thorough understanding of each method’s application as well as measurement uncertainty.”

Individuals who attend the seminar in its entirety qualify to receive one continuing education credit (CEC) for the professional credentials offered by BICSI. Those credentials include the RCDD, RITP, RTPM, DCDC, ESS, NTS, OSP, WD, Installer, Technician and Certified Trainer.

You can find more information about the seminar here or register for it here.

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