End-user network tester troubleshoots for Wi-Fi, copper, fiber

Fluke Networks has introduced its OneTouch AT Network Assistant.

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Fluke Networks has introduced its OneTouch AT Network Assistant, a test tool for network technicians that automates troubleshooting of the most common end-user issues in less than a minute, contends the company, greatly reducing the time it takes to resolve network issues and ensure end-user satisfaction.

According to Fluke, the OneTouch AT tester’s key features include:

-- One button auto testing for faster problem identification.
-- The ability to test 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, as well as Gigabit Ethernet copper and fiber.
-- In-line copper and fiber packet capture.
-- Cable wire-mapping, Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE), and link testing.
-- Remote access for enhanced collaboration with colleagues to speed problem resolution.
-- Network and service performance analysis.
-- Standardized, automated test scripts to ensure that even novice users can troubleshoot problems.
-- Smartphone touchscreen and enhanced, rugged form factor for durability in the field.

“Connectivity and performance problems can hide in a variety of places throughout the network, and today’s frontline technician cannot be an expert in them all," comments Gary Ger, Fluke Networks’ vice president of enterprise network analysis.

Ger continues, "When a trouble ticket is submitted, most organizations deploy a technician to fix the problem, but many do not have standardized testing processes, and today’s tools can be complex and time-consuming. The automated OneTouch AT was specifically designed to address these challenges, saving an organization, on average, approximately one man-week of troubleshooting each month.”

Fluke's OneTouch AT Network Assistant will be available on June 27, 2012. More information, including a company white paper and data sheet on the product, is available here.

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