Project manager Alberto Luna named Cabling Icon

Dec. 6, 2012
Luna, a BICSI-certified installer and winner of the contest's $5,500 cash prize, seeks a spot in the Cabling Skills Challenge in January.

Alberto Luna, a project manager with Total Network Consulting LLC, has been crowned 2012’s Cabling Icon by a combination of popular vote and a judging panel. As this year’s Cabling Icon, Luna wins a cash prize, merchandise, and an expense-paid trip to the BICSI Winter Conference and Exhibition that will be held in Tampa, FL in January. As the Cabling Icon, Luna has the opportunity to apply for entry into the Cabling Skills Challenge being held during the conference and exhibition.

Organized and funded by Concert Technologies, Cabling Icon seeks to identify a cabling craftsperson who exemplifies the skill, professionalism and business acumen necessary to thrive in the trade. The contest is held entirely online and is video-based. Luna was victorious after a total of four rounds, including an initial entry (“tryout”) video, a UTP termination exercise (a still of which is pictured at the bottom of this screen), a drill in which cable is dropped down a wall, and a final-round interview with the contest's judging panel.

As part of his entry video, Luna explained that over the past year he earned the BICSI Certified Installer designation as well as the Six Sigma Yellow Belt business-management strategy certification. He has been with Total Network Consulting (and the former Morgan Technologies) since 2004, currently serving in a project-management capacity with that firm.

Luna’s winnings include a $5,500 cash prize, a leather vest embroidered with the Cabling Icon logo, the Golden Punchdown award plaque, the expenses-paid trip to the BICSI Conference, and a week’s wages/salary for the week that will be spent at BICSI.

You can find more detail on the Cabling Icon contest here, and click to watch Alberto’s entry video, UTP termination video, wall-installation video, and final-round interview.

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