Belden now offering 'Reel-In-A-Box' fiber-optic cables

Dec. 14, 2012
Company now offers fiber-optic cabling in Reel-In-A-Box packaging.

Belden (NYSE: BDC) announced that it now offers fiber-optic cabling in Reel-In-A-Box packaging. Reel-In-A-Box fiber-optic cabling from Belden is available for various fiber constructions for short runs up to 1000 feet. Dual cut-outs on the top and side of the packaging enables clean cable payout. Handle holes on all four sides make for easy carrying and positioning.

"Belden's Reel-In-A-Box packaging makes cable installation quick and easy," asserts Greg Deitz, product line manager at Belden. "Based on feedback from our installation customers, we have built in all the key features that facilitate cable installation. The Reel-In-A-Box packaging is light, strong and has lots of handling and cable payout options."

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The cabling's corrugated fiberboard box with plastic inserts ensures lightweight handling. An added benefit of the packaging is a tension control feature that can be adjusted manually for optimum payout during installation. A twist-and-tighten mechanism on the accessible reel hub is convenient for either locking in place during transit or adjusting the tension for the best pulling tension.

The company says the packaging is extremely durable, providing maximum protection for fiber-optic cables on the job site, as well as during shipping.

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