Application note discusses testing preterm fiber cabling

The latest installment in Fluke Networks' Fiber Truths campaign describes the concept of total cable certification.

The fourth part in Fluke Networks' Fiber Truths information campaign is an application note that describes what it calls "total cable certification" for preterminated fiber-optic cabling systems.

Entitled "Total Cable Certification: A Factory Guarantee + Field Testing," the note says, "Total cable certification requires the installer to ensure: 1) Preterminated fiber is manufactured and tested to meet the 'factory guarantee' standard requirements, 2) Preterminated fiber is installed and certified to provide the performance as required by the network owner(s) for specific applications."

The document later lists factors that can impact the performance of preterminated fiber, including contamination and handling during installation. It then explains the benefits of field testing an installed, preterminated fiber-optic system.

The note lists the following steps that make up the "total cable certification" process for these systems.

  • Confirm the fiber trunk cables are as specified.
  • Clean and inspect the fiber before installation.
  • Certify the fiber loss against the loss budget.
  • Characterize the end-to-end fiber link.

You can download the application note directly from Fluke Networks here.

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