Fiber-optic splicing and testing services available

Services from Pearson Technologies are performed by FOA-certified Fiber Optic Specialist in Testing and Splicing.

Pearson Technologies, which provides fiber-optic training courses, textbooks and other educational information, now offers field splicing and testing services as well. The specific services offered include fusion splicing; two-wavelength, bidirectional OTDR testing, optical return loss (ORL) testing, troubleshooting, chromatic dispersion (CD) testing, polarization mode dispersion (PMD) testing, and link certification.

"These services are available for new builds and retrofits," says Eric Pearson, principal of Pearson Technologies. "Types of splicing include fusion, mechanical, midspan, pigtail, new-build and retrofit." He adds that the services support applications including telphone, CATV, cell-phone tower, metro Ethernet, upgrades to 10-Gbit/sec systems and fiber-to-the-x. "An FOA-certified Certified Fiber Optic Specialist in Testing and Splicing performs all work," Pearson adds. "All splicing is performed with core-alignment splicers to provide the low loss for both high-quality and reduced-quality fiber."

You can find out more about the services here.

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