EXFO expands IPv6 test capabilities

April 24, 2009 -- The test and service assurance company has implemented extended IPv6 testing capability option across its complete line of transport and datacom test modules.

April 24, 2009 -- EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. has incorporated optional comprehensive IPv6 testing capabilities across its entire portfolio of transport and datacom testing modules.

The test and service assurance company maintains that the proliferation of IP-enabled, always-on mobile devices is exhausting the available pool of IPv4 addresses, forcing service providers to actively transition their core, metro, and backhaul networks to IPv6 addressing schemes in order to support the adoption of premium-priced, advanced multimedia services. Both addressing schemes will continue to coexist in the network, so service providers must find efficient, cost-effective, and comprehensive methods of testing both implementations.

EXFO's portfolio of transport and datacom modules, including the complete Packet Blazer series (FTB/IQS-8510B, FTB/IQS-8510G, FTB/IQS-8525 and FTB/IQS-8535), the Power Blazer series (FTB/IQS-8120NGE and FTB/IQS-8130NGE), and the AXS-200/850 Ethernet Test Set, offer service providers complete Ethernet testing for IPv4 and IPv6 deployments, including BERT, RFC 2544 and advanced Layer 3 and 4 multistream traffic generation and analysis.

Housed in either the field-portable FTB-200 compact platform, the next-generation multimodular FTB-500 platform, or the stationary R&D IQS-600 integration qualification system, the Packet Blazer and Power Blazer modules provide IPv4 and IPv6 test and measurement suites for validating service-level agreements (SLAs) between service providers and their customers. The AXS-200/850 is a handheld Ethernet and IP tester that simplifies the testing processes used by field technicians when turning up metro Ethernet and IP services.

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