Scissors grip and cut aramid yarn in fiber cable

April 11, 2017
The Model 9180 Kevlar Shears from Xuron also feature tapered tips for penetrating the fiber cable jacket.

Xuron’s Model 9180 Kevlar Shears have a serrated cutting edge that the company says grip and hold the aramid yarn—which can be slippery—and a sharp edge for cutting the yarn within fibercable. “Incorporating tapered tips for penetrating cable jacketing, cushioned soft rubber handle grips and a return spring, these ergonomically designed scissors eliminate conventional finger loops,” Xuron said.

The company added that the shears are comfortable to hold in either hand and are “ideally suited for assembly, production, and field-service applications.” The cutting edges are heat-treated to a hardness of RC 58-60.

The Model 9180 Kevlar Shears list for $24.50.

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