Debris Destroyer fiber-cleaning pen dissolves tough contaminants

AFL’s Debris Destroyer can be used in combination with fiber-cleaning wipes, tips, and sticks.

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AFL recently released the FCC3 Debris Destroyer, a fiber-cleaning pen that the company says is “ideal for cleaning fiber-optic connectors, adapter sleeves, optical distribution frame bulkheads and bare fibers in preparation for fusion splicing.”

The company notes the Debris Destroyer is intended to be used in combination with other fiber-cleaning tools such as wipes, tips, and sticks. “The pen works to remove connector endface contaminants such as dirt, dust, oil, and other debris, and eliminates electrostatic charge.”

The Debris Destroyer pen is saturated with 99-percent-pure, medical-grade isopropyl alcohol (IPA), AFL points out, “to dissolve tough endface and bare-fiber contaminants. It is recommended for use with the One-Click family of pen cleaners, FiberWipes, CCT Connector Cleaning Tips, CLETOP Adapter Cleaning Sticks, CLETOP cassette cleaners and OPTIPOP cassette cleaners.”

Maury Wood, senior product manager for AFL’s test and inspection division, stated, “For the most stubborn fiber cleaning tasks, AFL recommends a wet clean followed by a dry clean as best practice standard operating procedure. Using the Debris Destroyer in conjunction with AFL’s other fiber cleaning products provides the strength to clean any endface contamination challenge.”

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