CNet Training bringing CNIDP, Certified Network Infrastructure Design Professional program, to the U.S.

Feb. 7, 2017
The CNIDP is an 8-day network infrastructure design program comprising a 5-day core unit and 3-day professional unit.

The Certified Network Infrastructure Design Professional (CNIDP) program provided by CNet Training, is expanding into the United States in April. “After success in the U.K. and Europe, the CNIDP launched in the Middle East last year and the continued success has led it to expand into the U.S.,” CNet said when announcing the expansion. “The Middle East program saw Shuchi Goyal become the first woman in the world to attain the official CNIDP certification.”

The program will be taught throughout the U.S., the training organization added, starting in New York in April, followed by programs in Ashburn, VA; Charlotte, NC; and Dallas, TX. The 8-day program comprises a 5-day core unit (CNID) and a 3-day professional unit (CNIDP). “Students learn how to complete a detailed network infrastructure design project and deliver this to the market,” CNet Training added. “They also learn the process of evolving a customer statement of requirements and can make detailed design decisions based on client requirements compliant with national and international standards, in addition to generating accurate bills of materials and accompanying cost calculations. Successful students have the knowledge and skills to confidently deliver detailed design documentation via an effective tender response.”

The course is taught by CNet instructors in an environment that allows students to benefit from shared real-life experiences, the organization said. “This provides extra value and added confidence that students are receiving first-class education from the global leaders in network infrastructure education. As a result, employers can benefit from a right-first-time, technically accurate tender response and the added competitive advantage that stems from this within the marketplace.”

CNet Training’s chief executive officer Andrew Stevens said, “Due to the success around the world, we have high predications that the CNIDP in the U.S. will be just as successful. The thing that sets the CNIDP apart from other similar programs is that there is a high mix of practical hands-on content with case-study design work that really demonstrates students’ skills and design abilities, and this is also taken a step further to provide the all-important tender response documentation, seeing the design process all the way through from inception. The CNIDP joins CNet’s other programs that are already taught throughout the U.S. However, this isn’t the only thing CNet Training will be bringing to the U.S. in the future.”

You can find detailed information on the CNIDP program here.

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